What you need to know about dairy products ads

The Dairy Products Advertising Association (DPA) recently sent out a warning to consumers about a recent advertising campaign that was reportedly paid for by Delamere.

According to the DPA, the ad, which was first reported by Mother Jones, uses “an outdated, misleading and deceptive advertising standard that misrepresents the safety and efficacy of dairy products for children” and promotes a new dietary supplement “with claims of safety and effectiveness, but without substantiating the evidence.”

In a press release, DPA director of communications Brian Eriksen said that the ad “offers nothing more than another way for Delameres brand to claim a ‘gold standard’ for the health and wellness of children.”

In an email to Mother Jones on Monday, Erikson said that Delamerares is “actively working with the DTA and other consumer advocacy groups to improve our advertising and outreach efforts, and to ensure that all of our advertising uses the right language and makes the right case to our customers and our customers’ families.”

In response to the issue, the DFA sent out an open letter to Delamerea CEO David Pimentel.

“As the industry leader in dairy and dairy product products training and certification, we are very concerned about Delameree’s continued use of an outdated, harmful and deceptive marketing standard in an attempt to deceive our members and our members’ families,” the letter reads.

“We have received hundreds of complaints from our members about Delarere’s repeated use of misleading, misleading, and deceptive claims and advertising tactics in an effort to deceive the public and our consumers.”DPA also notes that Delames claims about the effectiveness of the dietary supplement are “without substantiating any evidence,” and that “the safety and effects of Delamerores supplement are well documented and well established.”

The DPA says that Delas supplements, which cost $69.95 per month, contain “an active ingredient that is highly effective in treating symptoms of ADHD and ADHD-related conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy, and has been shown to be effective in preventing or slowing the progression of ADHD.”

It is also unclear how Delamerates claims about its effectiveness compare to those of its competitors.

For example, Delameras Therapeutics is also a manufacturer of nutritional supplements.

The company has a track record of promising results in children and adults, but has been sued over allegations that it manipulated results to make the products appear to be more effective than they actually were.

The Dairy Products Advertising Association (DPA) recently sent out a warning to consumers about a recent advertising campaign that was…

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