‘I don’t eat dairy anymore’: Viva dairy products founder opens up about her veganism

Viva Dairy products founder, Katie Taylor, is now a vegan.

Ms Taylor, who launched the dairy products company in 2016, said her journey began in 2012 when she realised that there was a huge lack of vegan options for people with dairy allergies.

“I was looking at all the dairy free options on the market, and I was looking to find something that I would be comfortable eating,” she said.

“And then I realised that I had a vegan sister and we’re both lactose intolerant so we just thought we’d give it a go.”

Ms Taylor has since become a vegan and is now vegan for all but one product.

“We don’t really talk about it, but we’ve really started to realise how many other people in the industry we’ve helped,” she told News.au.

“There’s been a lot of support from other people who have similar issues, so it’s really exciting to be able to help others.”

Ms Thompson said she found the concept of Viva to be extremely intuitive.

“It just felt right,” she added.

“The people we work with are incredibly knowledgeable and very compassionate, so we’re constantly learning.”

Ms Thompsons family started the business as a family venture and it’s now run by two sisters and one son.

Ms Thompson’s daughter, Hannah, was born with a genetic disorder, which means she has a rare disease.

She was diagnosed with a rare disorder in the womb which causes her intestines to be so tight it can be painful to eat.

“My daughter is extremely sensitive to gluten and dairy, so she has to go through a lot and I think there’s a lot more that we need to do, but she’s been extremely supportive,” Ms Thompson explained.

Ms Thompson said that her sister was so proud of the products they developed, which are now sold to over 1,000 customers across Australia.

“As soon as we were launched, we were so excited,” she continued.

Ms Thomas said that they also developed the first vegan butter. “

But we’re not really into the marketing, so I don’t have any marketing for the products yet.”

Ms Thomas said that they also developed the first vegan butter.

“Katie and her sisters work really hard to make sure we’re getting the best possible product out there,” she explained.

“So we’re really passionate about what we do, so if there’s something we can do to make it even better, we’re happy to help.”

Viva Dairy products founder, Katie Taylor, is now a vegan.Ms Taylor, who launched the dairy products company in 2016, said…

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