‘I’ll go with the guy who can make the best buttercream’: It’s my birthday, and I want a cheesecake with cream cheese.

New York magazine’s editorial board has chosen to celebrate its birthday on Wednesday by celebrating its 50th anniversary with a list of 100 top-rated cheesecakes.

The cheesecake, created by New York-based artist Michael Chabon and published in the April 28, 1971 issue of The New Yorker, was named the best cheesecake by readers of the magazine and a finalist for the 2016 Pulitzer Prize in journalism.

“For me, the cheesecake is an essential part of my life,” the cheesemaker, who also works as a chef and pastry chef, told the magazine.

“I’m very proud to say that I will make my own cheesecake every year, and that is a good sign that I am making progress.”

The cheesecake is based on the popular “Chocolate Cheesecake” recipe from Chabons famous cookbook, “Chocolat” published in 1973.

According to Chabón, the recipe calls for two large, soft and light chocolate cake pans and “two sheets of heavy cream cheese, plus three tablespoons of melted butter and a little powdered sugar.”

Chabons recipe calls to use “three sheets of cream cheese and a good bit of powdered sugar” in order to achieve the “perfect frosting.”

“My cake is made from cream cheese cake mix, which is made in a separate bowl, and the cream cheese is melted on top of the cake and then poured into the bowl,” Chabos said.

A version of this cheesecake recipe can be found in the New York Times bestseller “Cheesecake Factory” by chef Brian Vollman.

Cheesecakes are also popular in American fast food chains like Wendy’s and Subway, and Chabonicas “Cheese Cake” recipe has been featured in food and drink magazines including the New Yorker.

Other cheesecak recipes include the “Cream Cheese Mousse” from a book by Chabona, “Cheesy Cream Cheese Cake,” from a cookbook by Vollmans, and “Cheezy Cream Cheese Muffins” from the cookbook “The Best Cheesecake in the World.”

The “Cheezecake Factory,” Chabs book, “The Cheesemakers Guide to Cheesing” and “The Ultimate Cheesemaker” books all feature cheesecake recipes.

New York magazine’s editorial board has chosen to celebrate its birthday on Wednesday by celebrating its 50th anniversary with a…

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