How to avoid getting sick from fake dairy products

A growing number of fake dairy-products products are on the market, and consumers are getting sick, with some brands claiming to be vegan.

The number of dairy products that are labeled as vegan has exploded over the past decade, and researchers are worried that the product is not safe.

A recent survey conducted by the Food and Drug Administration found that of the nearly 300 dairy products tested, some were more dangerous than others, with products like chocolate milk, which contains dairy ingredients like butter, butter fat, and milk, more dangerous.

Some dairy products are labeled “natural” or “natural-free,” which means they don’t contain any animal ingredients.

However, the FDA’s survey found that nearly all of the products were contaminated with animal ingredients like antibiotics and hormones.

Researchers say these dairy products pose a real threat to consumers, since they can make the milk more expensive and potentially cause illness.

Some brands, like those sold by Lidl and Dairy Queen, are even selling vegan versions of their products.

According to a report from Bloomberg, these vegan milk alternatives contain no dairy ingredients, and they claim to be made with only natural ingredients.

However, consumers have reported that the ingredients in these vegan products are often less safe than those in the real dairy product, according to the report.

For example, many of these products have ingredients that are commonly found in animal products.

For example, dairy-free chocolate milk is made from whey protein, which is an essential component of cow milk, and it contains ingredients that can cause a foodborne illness, according the report from the CDC.

While some vegan milk products may be more natural, these are still potentially dangerous products, according David Lett, director of the National Dairy Council.

Lett said the FDA survey doesn’t accurately reflect the health risks posed by these vegan dairy products.

“The FDA has no authority to make such a determination,” Lett told CNBC.

“But, I can tell you that we know that there are dairy products on the markets that are more dangerous to consumers than the ones that are vegan.”

Some consumers are using alternative dairy products to keep their health.

For instance, one company, Honest Tea, offers vegan versions that are made with a mix of whole grains and dairy, but these products are more expensive.

While the FDA is aware of the growing number and popularity of these fake dairy items, the agency said it does not have enough data to make a determination.

In fact, it said it’s still investigating the health effects of some of these dairy alternatives.

The FDA did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

A growing number of fake dairy-products products are on the market, and consumers are getting sick, with some brands claiming…

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