Is it OK to use acid? Dairy products are not acidic

Acid is a common ingredient in dairy products, including many milk products.

But some experts say that the ingredient is no match for the acidity of fresh produce and can actually increase the acid content of foods like fruits and vegetables.

Is it okay to use acidic dairy?

Some people say that a diet full of fruits and veggies will be better than a diet with little dairy.

That depends on the fruits and veg.

But if you are eating a lot of fruit and veggies, acid is not as important as other nutrients.

But even if you have a very healthy diet, your body will not be able to produce the same amount of acid as it does when you have acid reflux.

If you are not eating enough fruits and/or veggies, you may be overproducing acid in your stomach.

So it’s not as simple as using more acidic dairy to increase the alkaline balance of your body.

The Bottom Line Dairy products, even if they contain lots of acid, are not a great source of calcium.

And acid has been shown to have a negative impact on your bones and teeth.

The best way to protect your bones is to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, along with other plant foods, which are rich in calcium.

Acid is a common ingredient in dairy products, including many milk products.But some experts say that the ingredient is no…

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