How to make your next batch of dairy-free yogurt taste better: Ananda


— Ananda Dairy Products Co. has been selling a new product that will make dairy-based yogurt taste fresher and healthier.

It’s an acronym for ananda protein concentrate, and it contains ananda proteins.

Its the first of its kind, the company said.

The concentrate contains protein powders that can be used to add flavor and texture to milk.

There are many products on the market with the same basic idea, said Ananda co-founder and CEO, Shobha Singh.

But the Ananda protein concentrates are different because the powders can be blended to create a single product, said Shobhas Singh.

The company has been testing it on a few different dairy cows in India, and its been a hit, Singh said.

The Ananda product is a combination of the Anandan protein powder and a protein powder from the company’s India operation.

We think it is a very unique product and it is our aim to create another product, he said.

Singh and Ananda Co-Founder, Ramesh Kavadia have made a name for themselves in India by making dairy-infused yogurt and other dairy products with no artificial flavors.

Anandi, which has a total of 25,000 employees, has made an annual profit of about $2.5 million, Singh told CNNMoney.

India is the world’s second-largest dairy exporter after China.

It exports about $50 billion in goods to the United States, and exports about 15% of its milk.

India is in the midst of an epidemic of foodborne illness, and the government is looking at introducing a national food safety strategy.

To reduce the risk of disease, India has launched a food safety program, which is looking to boost production of food products like milk and yogurt.

In addition to milk and milk products, Ananda also sells a range of other dairy-related products including cheese, butter, butterflakes and yogurt bars.

“We believe that the consumer will find that the Anandas products taste better,” Singh said in a statement.

With the Anandi product, Anandi will offer a single protein powder that can also be used as a base for other products, said Singh.

The product is made with milk and the Anandsa proteins, which can be purchased as a mix, the Anandyis statement said.

The Ananda products are made in India from the Anandinga factory, which produces protein powder for the Anzanans dairy operations.

According to Ananda’s statement, the product is being sold to consumers at the market rate for Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 5,000 ($1 to $3.50).

The product is currently available in select markets in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, South Korea, China and the United Arab Emirates, Anandia said.

ANANDA, Ind.— Ananda Dairy Products Co. has been selling a new product that will make dairy-based yogurt taste fresher and…

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