The Washington-area dairy industry says it is struggling to keep up with demand, and is asking the Trump administration for more time to comply

Washington, D.C. — The Washington state dairy industry is scrambling to keep pace with demand for milk in the United States, and it is asking for more federal assistance, a group of dairy farmers and the U.S. government said in a letter to President Donald Trump.

The letter, obtained by The Washington Times, also called on the administration to increase dairy subsidies to help farmers stay in business.

“The state dairy sector relies on the federal government’s funding to provide milk to consumers and farmers,” the letter said.

“We have not received any response to this letter and look forward to receiving it from you.”

The dairy industry, which employs about 200,000 people, said it has been struggling to meet demand from U.A.E. farmers, who are demanding higher-quality dairy products from the dairy sector and to feed their livestock.

The Trump administration has said the dairy industry needs to increase its production in order to meet U.T. Dairy, a regional food security program.

The industry has been pushing for more help from the federal Food and Nutrition Service, a government agency that helps oversee food stamps.

The agency has not said whether it is considering a request from the industry.

The dairy farmers in the letter say they have been working for months to get the USDA to grant more support, including more assistance for farmers to purchase foodstuffs.

The farmers in this case say they are struggling to feed a livestock operation that is producing high-quality, milk-producing cows.

They want more federal funding for the dairy program, and they want to see a reduction in federal dairy subsidies for dairy farms, which the government provides through the UHT program.

“We need more support from the administration so we can continue to provide the milk we have been so successful producing for our customers,” said John C. McFarland, president of the Washington-based National Farmers Union.

“This is a critical commodity, so we’re trying to get it for our people.”

In an email, the USDA said the agency “is currently evaluating” the request for assistance.

The USDA’s Office of the Assistant Secretary for Agriculture, which administers the Uht program, declined to comment.

The USDA has also asked the UTT to reconsider some of its decisions in the past, including limiting the amount of milk producers can use on pasture.

Washington, D.C. — The Washington state dairy industry is scrambling to keep pace with demand for milk in the United…

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