NFL Players say they’ve switched to organic dairy products

NFL players who play for teams in the United States have switched to vegan products in recent years, and the trend is growing, the NFL Players Association said in a statement.

The NFLPA, a union representing about 1.2 million players, said the players are embracing a vegan diet that includes a healthy balance of plant-based and non-animal ingredients.

The union said it’s helping players “take the first step toward living their best selves” and encouraging players to “take control of their health” and “reclaim the healthiest food available to them.”

“As players, we take great pride in serving our communities, our country and our fans,” the union said.

The players’ union has been working with the league and other NFL teams on a “Vegetarian Football League” to encourage the vegan eating.

The league’s medical staff and the NFLPA have been in regular contact with the players on a voluntary basis to ensure players are eating a vegan product that meets the nutrition guidelines set by the league, the statement said.

“This is a step in the right direction, and we are excited to continue our collaboration with our players,” the statement added.

In recent years the NFL has embraced plant-oriented nutrition.

The Super Bowl is the largest outdoor sporting event in the world, and teams have pledged to be 100 percent plant-friendly.

Last season, the New York Jets and Denver Broncos became the first NFL teams to eat more plant-made food in the offseason.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has said the league is working to promote veganism as an eating habit.

In April, the league released a video showing how athletes are using a range of plant products to prepare meals, including vegetables, legumes and tofu.

“A plant-food diet can help athletes feel better and perform better,” the NFL statement said, “even if it does come at the cost of gaining weight or becoming sick.”

NFL players who play for teams in the United States have switched to vegan products in recent years, and the…

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