The GOP’s best chance to pass dairy product tax-cut legislation? Shareholders vote in the House

CAPTION Democrats are running to replace retiring Sen. Kay Hagan, who is retiring after eight years in the Senate.

Democrats are starting a leadership campaign to replace her.

Democrats hope to replace retired Sen. Jay Rockefeller, who has served in the U.S. Senate since 1982.

They’re hoping to replace Sen. Mark Pryor, who announced last week that he would not seek re-election.

They are hoping to fill the leadership vacancy created by retiring Sen., who is leaving the Senate after eight decades in the body.

The GOP is hoping to repeal the dairy product excise tax on dairy products.

The legislation would reduce the tax on imports of milk and cream by a quarter to about 25 cents.

The House and Senate are currently working on a plan to repeal that tax.

In the meantime, Democrats are hoping the GOP could find some common ground on dairy policy.

The dairy industry has opposed the legislation, saying it would hurt farmers and consumers.

Democrats are hoping that Republican senators can agree to include provisions that would ease the burden of the dairy tax, including allowing manufacturers to deduct the cost of milk, and allowing farmers to deduct part of the cost for products made with more than 1 percent milk.

They hope that GOP senators will support allowing the state of Michigan to take the lion’s share of the tax burden and allow for more tax breaks for companies that make milk for human consumption.

But Democrats have little hope of that.

The GOP has said they want to get rid of the milk tax, and Democrats are eager to make sure they are in control of the Senate if that happens.

The House is expected to vote on a dairy product bill by the end of the week.

CAPTION Democrats are running to replace retiring Sen. Kay Hagan, who is retiring after eight years in the Senate.Democrats are…

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