Dairy products from the UK, Australia and New Zealand are getting a new name

New Zealand’s Dairy Farmers Association has unveiled a brand new name for its products, with a focus on milk and milk products.

The name is Unipex, the association said in a statement on its website.

“Unipex is a new brand name that will celebrate the heritage of our milk production and offer consumers more choice for their milk products,” the statement read.

“Our commitment to milk and dairy products goes back generations and will continue to do so.”

The name Unipext is an allusion to Unipexes milk and cheese, which originated in the region of India.

The association said it was also looking to expand the Unipexs range to include other dairy products including yogurt and goat cheese.

“We believe Unipexe is a brand name with a sense of history and a real connection to our community, heritage and history,” the association added.

The Unipexi brand has been on sale in the UK since last year.

Unipexia dairy products include milk and goat cheeses, but also yogurt and dairy drinks.

The group also sells some of its milk products from outside of New Zealand, and said the name UnipeX was a nod to the country’s rich milk tradition.

“A number of Unipexus products have been sold in the United Kingdom and the United States and in the European Union.

Our milk is available in the US, UK and Ireland and we have launched our first UK brand of milk and we intend to continue to expand this,” the group said.

In a similar move, New Zealand dairy products brand Unipolex announced plans in March to name its products after British explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, who explored Antarctica and discovered the South Pole in 1837.

It was the first time a New Zealand brand had used Shackleton’s name.

New Zealand’s Dairy Farmers Association has unveiled a brand new name for its products, with a focus on milk and…

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