How much milk will you pay for?

A milk price survey conducted by online market site CoinDesk revealed that consumers are likely to pay more for Korean dairy products than other types of milk, which may reflect consumer interest in the milk’s taste, texture and price.

The dairy products surveyed by CoinDesk included brands like Yakult, KFC, and Korean-owned Yoplait, with milk prices ranging from 5,500 won ($4.90) to 8,500 Won ($7.10).

The survey also found that the cost of milk for young children was highest, with an average price of 9,500won ($14.60) per ounce, and the cost for adults was 6,600 Won ($11.70).

“We don’t know if it’s due to the increased cost of production, the higher price of milk and other factors, or if consumers are just looking for the cheapest milk,” said Kim Dong-gyun, the owner of Korean milk company Yakult Dairy Products.

“But it’s definitely the case that we have a high price for milk,” he added.

“Our prices are going up due to production cost and higher demand,” Kim added.

In comparison, milk prices are higher in the United States and Europe, which are expected to see a rise in consumption in the coming years.

A milk price survey conducted by online market site CoinDesk revealed that consumers are likely to pay more for Korean…

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