How to get your kids to eat better, says Kellogg’s CEO

Kelloggs has taken a big step toward getting children to eat healthier.

The cereal giant announced Monday that it will soon begin using whole grains in its new Kellogg Conexant cereals.

The announcement comes amid increasing scrutiny of the health risks of genetically modified food and the growing popularity of cereals like Kellogg Peanut Butter Cups.

“We’ve long been a leader in the industry in making a cereal that kids can get a taste of.

The Kellogg Co. is just the latest,” said Joe Gebbia, vice president of Kellogg-owned brands.

The move comes amid a growing interest in whole grains, which many consumers are beginning to consider healthier options.

The first Whole Foods grocery store opened in the US in January, and many large grocery chains are making the transition to whole grains.

Kellogg has already begun using whole grain cereals in its other cereals, including its Classic Fruit Cone, and in a variety of its other cereal brands.

Gebbi said the announcement will “add even more exciting cereal flavors to the Kellogg family.”

He declined to say how much the cereal will cost.

The company said the change is part of an ongoing effort to “improve our food, environment, and agriculture” through its initiatives, including a new research institute, new plant-based food production, and an initiative to reduce emissions.

“This is a long-term, thoughtful effort,” Gebbias said.

“The Kellogg co-founder and CEO, Joe Gegbia, has long been an advocate for better health and a leader of the industry.

This change will help us take our message to kids, and we’re excited to see more kids adopt Kellogg cereals.”

Kelloggs has taken a big step toward getting children to eat healthier.The cereal giant announced Monday that it will soon…

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