Tasmanian dairy industry to scrap ‘gluten-free’ tag

The Tasmanian Dairy Industry Council has confirmed it is dropping its “gluten free” tag from its dairy products following widespread criticism.

Key points:The council said its “all-natural” tag is a product of a market and the industry’s marketing team is reviewing its policies and proceduresDairy producers said they will be testing a gluten free formula and using a different label in the future”The Tasmanian Dairies Council says it is a market, not a label, and that all the products in our brand, including our gluten free products, are all grown and produced in the state,” the council said in a statement.

“We have a clear policy on our labels and we are reviewing our policies and practices to ensure they do not have any impact on our consumers and we do not intend to change our gluten-free product labels in the foreseeable future.”

“We are aware of the widespread concern and disappointment that the gluten free tag has generated among Tasmanians, and we understand that the Tasmanian Food Industry Council are assessing our policies in this regard.”

The dairy industry group said its products were made with “the highest quality ingredients, including dairy milk, soy milk and almond milk”.

“We continue to have good sales and are very confident in our products and our brand,” it said.

“Our aim is to build on our current level of sales and continue to build a strong foundation for the future.”

Dairy products will continue to be labelled “natural” on the labels and a gluten- free formula will be tested, it said, adding that the council would provide a “glencore gluten free” formula in the near future.

“The council will be looking at the potential for future gluten free product packaging, testing and advertising in the coming months,” it added.

In February, the Tasmanians Dairy Council and Tasmanian Foods Council said they had removed the gluten-containing tag on their dairy products.

They said it was a product that was “designed for a specific niche of consumers” and it was not the intention of the council to be “part of the gluten problem”.

The council is working with the Tasmania Food Industry Association to ensure the tag remains in place.

Tasmania Dairy Council president John Smith said the move was “very disappointing” given the positive response to the tag.

“It was a great marketing opportunity, and I think it was an incredibly effective way of attracting people to our products,” he said.TASMANIA FOOD COMMISSIONER HILLARY BALDWIN has announced a series of initiatives to combat the gluten crisis, including introducing a gluten in milk campaign and beef products that are made with wheat.TASSANIAN FOOD ASSOCIATION president John Coughlan said the industry had to be aware of “the changing landscape” in the industry and be ready for changes.

“For us, it’s about looking after our consumers, not just our competitors,” he told the ABC.

“As the gluten market continues to evolve and grow, we are taking more risks in our dairy products.”

The Tasmanian Dairy Industry Council has confirmed it is dropping its “gluten free” tag from its dairy products following widespread…

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