Dairy products to be recalled after ‘liver-killing’ bacteria found in products

Fresh dairy products, chicken and pork products are to be labelled with an ‘H2O alert’ after the discovery of ‘livers-killing” bacteria in products from several Australian brands.

Key points:Products including milk, cheese and beef are being recalled due to a ‘laboratory-made’ bacteria that can kill the digestive systemA spokesman for Australia’s dairy producers says the products were not processed with liversInspectors have said they can detect the bacteria in the products within three days of openingThe Australian Dairy Products Council said it was concerned about the ‘lifestyle choice’ of many Australians.

“While the bacteria is a ‘lab-made” product, it can cause health problems for consumers and the environment, particularly if consumed raw, and the products are packaged to remove the bacteria,” the organisation said in a statement.

“We believe the products contain an unacceptable level of bacteria and we are investigating the potential health risks associated with these products.”

Read more:A spokesman said a lab-made bacteria, called “lab-resistant Enterobacteriaceae”, was found in samples of products from the brands of Australian Dairy, Australian Superfood, The Australian Meat Company and Meat Australia.

“Laboratory-produced Enterobacteria has not been found in Australia’s meat supply, and does not pose a risk to humans, animals or the environment,” the spokesman said.

“This product is safe for human consumption.”

The products contained a laboratory-made bacterial isolate and no animal product was involved.

“Read the statementHere’s what you need to know:Australia’s dairy industry produces around one million tonnes of milk a year and employs nearly 30,000 people.

There have been a number of outbreaks of Listeria in Australia, most recently in late April this year.

In the last few months there have been two outbreaks in the US, and a number in Australia.

A spokesperson for Australia at the Australian Dairy Producers Association said the country was in the midst of a “laboratories-made” listeria outbreak, with two cases in the UK and one in New Zealand.

The spokesperson said the first case was a lab produced strain that had been in production for two years and was found at a milk processing facility in Queensland.”

It is the second laboratory-produced Listeriosis case to occur in Australia in a few weeks.

“Australian dairy farmers are taking every precaution, including washing their dairy equipment and washing their equipment with chlorine and washing the equipment and products in their sheds after each use.”

As a precaution, Australian dairy farmers have been informed to use chlorine for the past four weeks, and they have also been advised to disinfect their plants immediately.

“Australian industry is taking every step to prevent and contain the spread of the bacteria.”

Read our dairy industry guide here The ABC understands there is no specific guidance for people to wash their dairy machinery, but the advice is to wash it every two weeks.

In recent weeks, there have also also been outbreaks of the antibiotic ampicillin and other antimicrobials in Australian dairy products.

The spokesman said Australian milk producers were in the process of removing the bacteria from their products, and are taking steps to make sure all of their products were free of the organisms.

Fresh dairy products, chicken and pork products are to be labelled with an ‘H2O alert’ after the discovery of ‘livers-killing”…

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