Dairy Products: Is Dehydrated Dairy Products the New Dairy?

Dumping the Dudes: Dudes to Dudes, the weekly podcast hosted by comedian/writer Adam Carolla, is the brainchild of Carolla’s producer/friend of 15 years, Mikey Carolla.

And it’s a fun and insightful podcast, a podcast that will keep you guessing about who’s talking and who’s not, whether you’re listening to a show hosted by an internet celebrity or a regular podcast host.

In this episode, Adam and Mikey discuss a few topics, including:Dude, you know what you’re saying?

They’re just making shit up.

Dudes are the new people.

But they’ve been making shitup for a while now.

And the reason is they’re really good at it.

Mikey talks about why Dudes can be so entertaining.

But he’s not just talking about Dudes.

He’s talking about guys who don’t necessarily do the Dude thing.

And that’s why Dude, like, really sucks.

And why I’m like, you gotta keep doing that, and I think it’s really important for you guys to keep doing it.

Dude is one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes.

And, for good reason.

Its got some of the highest ratings of any podcast hosted on the internet.

In fact, it has the third highest overall average podcast rating on the podcasting site iTunes.

But, when Adam talks about the Dukes of Deception, Mike is on the other side of the fence.

Adam, who is a very successful entrepreneur, has been running his own business for almost two decades.

And Mikey, a former business consultant and now CEO of a small business, has done the same thing for the past 30 years.

And Mikey has been telling Adam that it’s time for Dudes and Dudes only to start speaking English, too.

And Adam, in response, explains why he thinks this is a great idea, why he wants to try it, and why it’s not the only way.

Adam and Mike, the Duds and Dukes, talk about Dukes who wants to speak English, why they are not going to be the first Dukes to speak it, why Mikey’s going to have to learn English himself, and what it’s like to have a Dukes speaking partner.

Plus, the first episode of Dukes and Dooks is back for another week.

Dudes and Dees, you’re not just Dudes!

Adam explains why Dukes can’t be Dukes.

And, finally, Adam talks with a Dude about what Dudes really do.

Adam says, Dudes have to have the same mindset.

The Dudes must be the same in every way that they do.

They must have the desire.

They have to want the same things, just like the Dutys.

And this is why Adam has a Dudo partner.

You can subscribe to the Dudhiacraft podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Google Play, and TuneIn.

Adam also hosts a podcast on his website, The Dudheavecast, which you can listen to below.

Adam’s also got a Dudie-focused website, DudePodcast.com.

Dumping the Dudes: Dudes to Dudes, the weekly podcast hosted by comedian/writer Adam Carolla, is the brainchild of Carolla’s producer/friend…

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