Why does gilsas milk have a different texture than others?

Hacker News user krk41008 recently posted an article that explained the difference between milk and yogurt.

The article stated: “The difference between a milk and a yogurt is the amount of lactose, or milk sugar, in the milk.”

The article added that the difference is not as large as it seems.

“Lactose is what’s in yogurt, and that lactose in yogurt is different from lactose that’s in milk,” the user wrote.

“So, if I buy a bag of yogurt, I get about a 1.8 gram of lactase in the yogurt, whereas if I have a 1 gram of milk, I only get about 0.5 gram.”

The user also explained that it takes a certain amount of time to digest the lactose-containing milk, which is why it is often difficult to taste the difference.

“If I buy milk, my mouth will start to taste a little bit more sour, and my tongue will start getting tired,” he said.

“The more lactose is in the liquid, the more tart the milk.

But if the milk has just enough lactose to balance the tartness, it’s usually better for the flavor of the milk,” he added.

The user said that the amount that is left in the stomach can vary.

He said that in his opinion, the difference in taste between milk yogurt and milk milk is actually pretty minor.

“It doesn’t matter if the flavor is a little more tart or a little less tart than a regular yogurt.

They both have a similar taste, and it’s actually just a difference in the amount,” he wrote.

The difference in texture can be a good thing, too.

“You get that same amount of milk in a glass, and the texture is the same,” he explained.

“But it has a different taste.

If you’re buying yogurt, you’re getting the same taste.

But in milk, there’s a lot more lactase and you get more flavor.

That’s what makes it different.”

The post has since been shared more than 11,000 times, and several people have commented on the post.

Some have also offered suggestions for how to adjust the taste of the yogurt.

“Just make sure to drink enough,” one commenter wrote.

“[I have a] 1 liter bottle of yogurt and have been trying to add some to it.

I just can’t seem to get it to taste right.”

“I have been making the same yogurt that I made before for years, and I was always very bad with it.

But lately I have been eating more of it and am starting to like it more and more,” another user said.

One commenter even suggested that the yogurt should be served with fruit.

“Glad to know you’re a fan of fruit and cheese, since that makes it even more delicious,” he replied.

“And if you’re really into cheese, you can also put it in a sandwich or cheese plate and have it as a dip.

Just keep it in the fridge.

I like it with fresh fruit or fruit juice.

It will last a long time.”

“Just buy some milk, and you’ll love it.

You will probably be surprised how well it tastes,” another commented.

The post gained more than 2,000 shares on Wednesday and more than 9,000 comments.

“I don’t think this is an uncommon question that has been asked a lot,” a user named jason wrote.

Hacker News user krk41008 recently posted an article that explained the difference between milk and yogurt.The article stated: “The difference…

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