The worst-selling dairy product in India? Dairy products, by a country mile

Indian consumers are eating more dairy products in India than ever before.

The country’s dairy farmers have long been facing growing challenges in the form of rising disease rates and the loss of land.

But there is now an increasingly vocal chorus calling for a change in the country’s food-safety policies, with a new study finding that consumers are buying more dairy product.

The research, conducted by the Food Research and Manufacturers of India, surveyed 1,500 consumers between April and September 2017, and found that the dairy products most commonly purchased in India were made of dairy products made from milk, cheese and yogurt.

The dairy products with the most popularity are milk and cheese.

The most popular dairy products also include milk and yoghurt, which are not included in the survey.

Indian consumers buy a lot of dairy in general, according to the study.

And while consumers are consuming dairy products more often, they are also more likely to buy it in bulk.

They are buying dairy products from retailers like Walmart, Target, and Bharti Enterprises.

The number of grocery stores in India that carry the milk and dairy products the study identified is increasing, the researchers said.

In addition, they said, the availability of cheap, nutritious foods is becoming more and more important for consumers.

What you need to know about the Ebola virus:CDC warns Americans to stay away from West African countriesThe CDC says that Americans should be on high alert and should take all necessary precautions to avoid Ebola in West Africa.

The U.S. Embassy in the European Union has said Americans in West African nations are “at higher risk” for the virus than Americans living in the U.K. and Canada.

In fact, in a recent study, researchers found that U.N. officials in Liberia and Sierra Leone had the highest risk of contracting Ebola in the region, and Americans were most at risk.

The researchers also said that Americans were more likely than Americans in the rest of West Africa to die from Ebola.

This study is the latest evidence of a changing American palate, and how American consumers are shifting away from traditional dairy products.

Americans are buying a lot more dairy.

The survey also found that in India, dairy products are the top choice for Americans, with about 50% of people saying they buy at least one dairy product a day.

The highest demand for dairy products comes from India’s capital cities, Mumbai and Delhi.

India is home to about a quarter of the world’s population and has a population of about 8 million people.

It’s a huge market.

The report found that Indian consumers were purchasing dairy products at a rate of almost one per day.

In 2016, Americans bought nearly six times as much dairy products as Indians did.

India has seen an increase in imports from countries such as the United Kingdom and China, and a decrease in exports to the United States.

That has affected the demand for Indian dairy products for American consumers.

According to the American Dairy Institute, the average American consumes about 13 pounds of dairy per year.

A similar trend is seen in the United Arab Emirates.

In the UAE, the American consumer consumes about 8 pounds of cheese per year, according the UAR.

While the consumption of dairy foods in the UAE is relatively high compared to other countries, the consumption in India is about half of that.

Indian consumers are eating more dairy products in India than ever before.The country’s dairy farmers have long been facing growing…

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