What to know about the FDA’s proposed milk labeling rules

By Emily E. Wittenmyer and Emily E, Jr.

ReutersHealth and Human Services Secretary Tom Price will outline new guidelines on the use of milk in the food supply next week, The Washington Post has learned.

The FDA has released a draft rule, which was first reported by The Hill, which outlines proposed regulations for labeling milk products on food packaging, as well as new rules on food labels and nutrition labels.

It will also recommend new labeling rules on the marketing of cheese and other dairy products.

Under the proposed rule, milk products sold in the United States will not be labeled as milk, although the agency will require milk to be labeled with milk as the predominant flavor.

But the agency could also allow a milk product to be listed as lactose-free if its ingredients do not contain lactose, the leading cause of chronic disease.

“Lactose-Free” milk and milk products made with any of the four sugars, aspartame, sorbitol, maltodextrin, or xylitol, would also be labeled “Lacto-Free.”

“If a dairy product is lactose free, then it will have a lower sugar content than if it was milk,” said the agency in a statement.

It’s not yet clear how many dairy products will be covered under the new rules, but Price’s office has already begun soliciting comments on the proposal.

The proposal would also require dairy products that are produced in a plant that does not use hormones to be labelled as “Natural.”

“The FDA will provide an update on the proposed regulations in the coming weeks,” the agency said in a press release.

The agency said it plans to issue a final rule within two years, with dairy products as well.

The rules could have a major impact on how people buy dairy products and the way dairy products are processed.

The Food and Drug Administration currently regulates the use and marketing of dairy products in the U.S.

The dairy industry is concerned that the FDA proposal could limit the number of dairy-free dairy products available to consumers, since it would require more of them to be sold.

The rules are likely to have a big impact on dairy farmers in the future, said Andrew Weiland, a dairy farmer in North Carolina.

“If you can’t be able to do what you’re doing right now, you’re going to have to find a new business model,” he said.

By Emily E. Wittenmyer and Emily E, Jr.ReutersHealth and Human Services Secretary Tom Price will outline new guidelines on the…

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