How to help the dairy industry cope with climate change

As a member of a global dairy industry, Kenya is under pressure to cope with the impacts of climate change.

“We have to adapt to the changing climate,” said Dr Yvette Rani, CEO of the Kenya Dairy Research Institute.

“Climate change is the biggest threat to our dairy industry.”

With climate change intensifying, Rani said it is vital to look after farmers’ livelihoods and protect the environment.

“The impact of climate on agriculture is very severe and we need to deal with that,” she said.

“I think we are facing a serious threat to agriculture, but we need help.”

Climate change is expected to have a direct impact on the milk production and consumption of Kenya.

“Farmers are being driven into climate by a combination of drought, heat and extreme weather,” said Nisha Bhattacharjee, an environmental policy researcher at the Kenya Institute of Science and Technology.

“People are trying to protect their livelihoods in other ways.”

Rani’s research shows that the dairy farming sector in Kenya suffers from climate impacts.

“As a global producer, Kenya has to take responsibility for climate change,” she told

“It’s very important to protect the future of our industry and we are all stakeholders.”

A drought In 2015, the Kenya Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategy for Dairy was announced.

It aims to develop a strategy to help farmers to adapt in the face of climate.

It says that the strategy aims to: mitigate the impacts on farmers of the climate,

As a member of a global dairy industry, Kenya is under pressure to cope with the impacts of climate change.“We…

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