Which are the top-selling dairy foods in Tasmania?

We have compiled a list of the top 50 dairy foods sold in Tasmania, which includes some that may not be recognised by most.

These include a range of foods that are available to all, and that are typically sold on the supermarket shelves in the states.

If you are wondering which are the biggest and best-selling products in Tasmania and how they compare, it’s worth a look.


Chipps Cheese This is probably the most widely sold dairy product in Tasmania.

It is available on supermarket shelves and is sold in both the local supermarket and online.

It has been called the state’s cheeseburger.

Chipps cheese is made from milk, and is known to contain protein and fats from the milk.

This product is popular in Tasmania because it is cheap and readily available.


Sausages This is one of the few Tasmanian products to be marketed in a grocery store, which is why it is one that people flock to when shopping for food.

It has been around for some time and is a popular choice for Tasmanians.

There are also some good choices for Tasmanian vegetarians who are looking for meat-free alternatives.


Dairy products such as milk, cheese, cream and yogurt have become a part of the Tasmanian diet over the past 20 years.

As Tasmania’s population has grown, so has its dairy industry, with more and more Tasmanians eating out.


Fruit and vegetables The majority of Tasmanians eat a diet of fruit and vegetables, and this includes apples, bananas, pears, pomegranates and melons.

A recent study by the Institute of Food Research found that Tasmanians consume about 20 per cent of their total daily calories from these three foods, with only 4 per cent from meat.


Dairy-free products There are some dairy-free options available in Tasmania’s supermarkets, but you may have to make do with other dairy products if you are looking to keep your health.


Dairy milk A large portion of Tasmanian consumers have no choice but to use dairy milk.

In Tasmania, this is the milk of choice.


Milk in the fridge There is a small amount of milk in the freezer, and most Tasmanians are unlikely to have the freezer door open when preparing a meal.

This means you may find it hard to find a dairy product that tastes the same as your regular milk.


Pies, biscuits and sandwiches There are a few things you can order in a takeaway, and Tasmanians love to get their dairy products out to them.


Frozen custard Tasmanians have been known to buy their eggs, milk, fruit and meat in the supermarket, and these are all available in frozen form.


Hot dogs, hot dogs, burgers and hot dogs Tasmania’s hot dogs are among the most popular dishes in the state, and it is often served with cheese and/or meat.

You can find hot dogs and other Tasmanian dishes in supermarkets.


Meat pies There are also a number of Tasmanians’ favourite meats to eat with their dairy product.

This includes lamb, pork, turkey and beef, as well as a range which includes lamb chops, mutton chops and chicken.


Pastries This is Tasmania’s favourite dessert, and there are plenty of options in the supermarkets.

Tasmanians also enjoy ice cream, and while it is not a dairy food, it does contain dairy.


Pastry dough This is another Tasmanian favourite, and if you want a treat for a special occasion, you may want to look into using it in a baked good.


Pasta Tasmanian pasta is one the most commonly sold types of pasta in the country.

This is because of the fact that the majority of the pasta in Tasmania is made of milk.

Tasmanian restaurants also serve pasta on the menu.


Puddings Tasmanian Pudders are popular desserts in Tasmania which are usually prepared with butter, cream, milk and cheese.

Tasmania’s puddings are not dairy foods, but the Tasmanians’ love of them makes them a favourite amongst Tasmanians as well.


Cheese and dairy products There is also a wide range of cheese and dairy options available.

Tasmanias dairy products are mainly available in the form of cheese, but they also produce a variety of dairy products, including cheese curds, cheese spread, milk curds and cheese ricotta.


Yogurt Tasmanian yogurt is a favourite for Tasmania because of its low fat content and high protein content.


Eggs Tasmanian eggs are not a favourite food in Tasmania for many reasons.


Meat and poultry Tasmanian meat is typically made from beef, lamb or chicken, and eggs are typically made of pork, chicken or beef.

Tasman’s pork and chicken are made from pork, and their beef is sourced from elsewhere.

We have compiled a list of the top 50 dairy foods sold in Tasmania, which includes some that may not…

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